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Trip Suggestions

Helges sejlrute

Trip Suggestions

Roundtrip with a stop in Troense

Step aboard M/S Helge in Svendborg at 10:00 or 12:40 or 15:00 (During July at 17:20 is also an option). The trip will take you along Vindebyøre, Christiansminde and end in Grasten. From here you will go back to Svendborg with stops along Troense, Christiansminde, Vindebyøre, Honnør kaj and Stella Maris.

If you choose to disembark in Troense you can visit the old sailor town, grab lunch at the hotel, as well as coffee, cake or ice cream.

It is also possible to walk from Troense to the castle, Valdemars slot, where you can take a walk along the beach, or through the beautiful forests, where you will find the graves of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre. M/S Helge will return to Troense to sail towards Svendborg at 13:30 or 15:50 (During July also at 18:10). Please note that the actual castle is currently closed for visitors.

Ferry ticket: Adult 150,-kr Child 75,-kr

Roundtrip – 2 hours with no stops along the route

Step aboard M/S Helge in Svendborg at 10:00, 12:40, or 15:00 (In July also at 17:20).

If you choose to sail the whole trip without getting off you will pass by Vindebyøre, Christiansminde, Troense, Grasten, and back again, ending the trip with a beautiful detour under Svendborgsundbroen too Stella Maris. Consider bringing along a packed lunch, binoculars, and a camera.

Christiansminde – Troense and back again

Step aboard M/S Helge in Christiansminde at 10:15, 12:55 or 15:15 (During July 17:35 is also an option). Disembark in Troense, go for a walk, enjoy lunch or a coffee in the charming seaman’s town. Return to Christiansminde at 13:30 or 15:50 (Again at 18:10 in July) to end the day off by going for a swim or grabbing and a Danish-style ice cream along the beautiful beach.

Ferry ticket: Adult 80,-kr Child 40,-kr

Mini trip: Svendborg – Christiansminde and back by foot

Step aboard M/S Helge in Svendborg at 10:00 or 12:40 or 15:00 (During July also at 17:20). Disembark in Christiansminde where you can take a long trip along the beach, play minigolf, eat at restaurant Panorama, or enjoy your home-packed lunch, or start up a BBQ in the designated area. A lovely path along the water can be followed back to Svendborg. This walk takes about 20 minutes, while the sailing time with Helge is about 15 minutes.

The trip can also be done in reverse. Begin by walking from Svendborg to Christiansminde where you can enjoy a swim and an ice cream. M/S Helge comes by at 11:05, 13:45, 16:05 (During July also at 18:25) M/S Helge will take you past Vindebyøre, and out under the bridge, Svendborgsundbroen too Stella Maris. The sail time of this option is about 55 minutes.

Ferry ticket: Adult 80,-kr Child 40,-kr