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M/F Højestene

Illustration af Højestene

M/F Højestene

Ride with M/F Højestene to the islands Drejø and Skarø

Experience the unique island-atmosphere, tranquility, beautiful nature, wildlife and fresh, salty air. Meet the locals, who gladly offer coffee at the grocery store, the café or at the museum. Try the organic specialties, locally produced ice cream and visit the many creative stores with crafts and curiosities – bring a taste of the wonderful feeling back home.


Timetable applies every day from 10th of August to 31st of December 2020









Arr. /Depart.




























Arr. /Depart.













The late departure only friday and sunday.

Z: From 1/9-30/4 the ferry only arrives at Skarø if booked in advance.

X: From 1/9-30/4 this departure is cancelled on sundays and public holidays.



In August and September 2020, we offer reduced prices as a result of the government's aid during the corona crisis.


Reduced prices in the periods

1/1 – 26/6 2020

1/9 – 31/12 2020

+ 1/8 - 31/9 2020

Normal prices in the period

27/6 – 31/8 2020



75 kr.

115 kr.

Child (4-15 years)

35 kr.

60 kr.


15 kr.

25 kr.



115 kr.

Car (5 m)


230 kr.

Car (7.5 m)


345 kr.

Car ( 10 m)


460 kr.

Car (12.5 m)


575 kr.




Group discount (more than 5 persons)




75 kr.

98 kr.

Child (4-15 years)

35 kr.

46 kr.




Discount card



(5 double-tours)




475 kr. *

475 kr.

Child (4-15 years)

220 kr. *

220 kr.


836 kr.

836 kr.


Guides for groups and parties over 20 persons are free.

Disabled people with companion-cards can ride free of charge with one companion.


General information

  • We have room for 98 passengers in the summer period (1/5-30/9)
  • During the winter period we can bring 60 passengers (1/10-30/4), as it shall be possible for everyone to sit indoors
  • There is an automat aboard where one can buy refreshments (water/beer)
  • Brew your own coffee onboard the smallest café of the archipelago
  • Brought food and drinks can be enjoyed on the ferry
  • Toilets are available
  • Wheelchairs can roll onboard and be driven into the salon, but not onto the sundeck
  • Dogs on a leash are welcome
  • The crossing from Svendborg to Skarø lasts approx. 30 minutes
  • The crossing from Svendborg to Drejø lasts approx. 75 minutes
  • Crossing between the islands lasts approx. 40 minutes and are free of charge
  • Tickets should be bought on this website if you wish to book a specific departure, but can also be bought onboard if you dare take the chance
  • The voyage between the islands and back again to Svendborg are included in the price
  • Discount cards for the ferry can be bought onboard
  • It is necessary for the owner of the discount card to become a customer at Svendborg Harbour in order to be able to book online. Please contact us at rederi@svendborg.dk to become a discount-card-customer