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Discover Drejø

Discover Drejø

Here you'll find information about Drejø

Drejø is centrally placed in the South Fyn archipelago, with an equal distance to Fyn, Ærø and Taasinge. The island measures 426 hectares and has about 70 inhabitants. 85% of the island is used for agriculture.

Drejø has amazing nature with a rich bird life and a varied terrain. About 60 different bird species breed in the area and as a result parts of the island are protected. This means no access between the 1st of March and the 15th of July. Drejø is also home to the rare and beautiful white deer.

The island has great fishing opportunities, beautiful saltmarshes, and lovely beaches for swimming.

The city on Drejø, Drejø By, is an idyllic village with beautiful half-timbered houses and farms. You will find a grocery store, a pub, a campsite, a café, and a small local museum which tells the story of life on Drejø through the ages, a church, and an array of farm shops carrying local products.

Drejø has a variety of accommodation options including private renters, a seaside hotel and shelters which can be booked ahead of time. It is also possible to stay overnight in a tent on the campsite. Since the 70’s Drejø has been known for its island camps.

The journey to Drejø happens via the ferry Højestene from Svendborg and the trip takes approximately 75 minutes with a short stop on neighboring island Skarø. The ferry sails all day long but is often very busy so booking a spot ahead of time is highly recommended.

Drejø has two harbors: Drejø gamle havn (Drejø old harbor) with approximately 15 guest spots and Drejø Havn (Drejø Harbor) has 40 guest spots.

For more information go to Visit Svendborg here https://www.visitsvendborg.com/