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Discover Skarø

Discover Skarø

Here you'll find information about Skarø

Skarø is located just off the exit from Svendborgsund and is a flat moraine island measuring 200 hectares, with about 30 inhabitants. Most of the island is used for agriculture, and nature remains untouched only in a few areas.

The island offers nice beaches, stunning rest areas, and flora and fauna rich salt marshes. For example, you can hear the croak of the rare European green toad in waterholes across the island during May. You can also see an array of wading birds during the year as they breed in the salt marshes. Small trails across fields and along the coast make it easy to explore the island by foot or by bike.

The southern saltmarsh called Kalveodde, and the northwestern saltmarsh called Revet (The Reef) are protected areas, and therefore there is limited access for guests between the 1st of March and the 15th of July. The northern area of Skarø Odde is a protected breeding area for birds with no entry during the same period. Skarø By (Skarø city) is a few hundred meters from the harbor and is an incredibly charming village, with half-timbered houses and farms. The island also has an interesting apothecary garden which you can visit.

Island dwellers offer guided tours around the island, offer rental bikes and sea kayaks. During the Danish school summer holidays, a daily Island-lunch is available along with guided experiences.

Skarø is especially known for its ice cream which can be enjoyed year-round at the ice cream parlor, as well its music festival which takes place every year in August.

Café Sommersild offers meals, accommodation, and a farm shop. The island is home to a series of artists and their workshops, a community center where guests can stay overnight, and the leisure yacht harbor has a small soccer field and a playground by the shore.

Skarø shares its ferry, Højestene, with its neighbor Drejø. The ferry sails all day long but is often very busy so booking your spot ahead of time is highly recommended.

During the Danish school summer holidays there is also a daily connection between Skarø and Hjortø which is sailed by the ferry Hjortøboen.

Skarø harbor is ready to welcome sail ships of most sizes and has good new facilities including a playground and a BBQ area directly by the harbor. There are approximately 50 guest spots.

For more information go to Visit Svendborg here https://www.visitsvendborg.com/